Real Time Global Money Transfer

Full Service Mobile Wallet with No Fees

Available Prepaid Debit Card

Up to 3 Prepaid Companion Cards

Always Protected, Always Secure

Referral Program and more!

Send Money with OGPay ®

Finally a low cost way to move money globally

Free, unlimited domestic money movement

Send money globally in real time from the convenience of your phone

Transfer money to over 60 countries

Send Money with OGPay

Need to pay or request funds from a friend or loved one? Send money with OGPay ’s industry-leading banking system via your computer or mobile device. You can send money with a credit or debit card, bank account or even your mobile wallet account. We keep your sensitive financial information private.

OGPay ® Mobile Wallet

No set-up or monthly Fees

Earn 3% interest on your mobile wallet balance

Suspend your account with one click

Load/Offload funds at over 300,000 locations

OGPay Mobile Wallet

It’s easy to load funds at Chase, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, participating retail locations around the world and even at thousands of participating ATMs without using a debit card. OGPay customers can refer family and friends and transfer funds seamlessly, from across the table or around the globe. Never pay a fee to use your mobile wallet to pay for goods and services in the US or USD.

How much are the OGPay Mobile Wallet Fees?

Transaction Cost
Load funds from any U.S. checking/savings account $1.00 per transaction
Transfer funds to any U.S. checking/savings account $1.00 per transaction
Load funds from a credit card (limit of $250 per individual load) 3% of transaction
Transfer funds to/from one mWallet user to another FREE
Transfer funds to Prepaid Debit Card FREE
Request Funds / Micro Payments Merchant Processing FREE

OGPay ® Prepaid Debit Card

Make purchases wherever Prepaid Debit Card is accepted

Withdraw cash from over one million ATMs in 170 countries worldwide

Activate, suspend or restore your Prepaid Debit Card with one click

Add up to 3 personalized prepaid companion cards (great for kids and family members abroad)

How much are the OGPay Prepaid Debit Card Fees?

Get Started
Card purchase fee $0.00 Cost for your plastic card
Card activation fee $0.00 Cost to activate card
Account registration fee $0.00 Registering your account
Monthly Usage
Monthly fee $0.00 Monthly charge taken from card balance
Monthly Inactive Fee $3.95 Monthly charge taken from card balance
Add Money
Retail load $2.00 Loading funds at a retail location*
Direct deposit $0.00  
Bank-to-card transfer $0.00 Transferring funds from a bank to your card
Spend Money
POS PIN debit purchase $0.00 Using your PIN for a purchase
POS signature purchase $0.00 Using our signature only for a purchase
POS PIN purchase (declined) $0.00 Point of sale transaction declined
POS SIG purchase (declined) $0.00 Signature transaction declined
Get Cash
ATM withdrawal fee (US) $1.95 ATM cash withdrawal
Bank teller withdrawal $2.00 Withdrawing funds from a bank
ATM withdrawal (declined) $0.50 ATM cash withdrawal declined
Customer service (live agent) $0.00 Live agent support fee
ATM balance inquiry $0.50 Checking your balance at an ATM
Using Your Card Outside the U.S.
Foreign Exchange Fee 3% Fee if card is used outside of the United States
ATM withdrawal (int’l) $2.50 Withdrawing money from an ATM outside of the US , a foreign exchange fee of 3% will apply
ATM withdrawal (declined) (int’l) $0.50 ATM decline fee
POS PIN debit purchase (int’l) $0.00 POS debit PIN purchase using chip or magstripe
POS signature purchase (int’l) $0.00 POS debit signature purchase using chip or magstripe
POS PIN purchase (declined) (int’l) $0.00 POS debit PIN decline using chip or magstripe
POS SIG purchase (declined) (int’l) $0.00 POS debit signature decline using chip or magstripe
Inactivity $3.95 Inactivity begins after 120 days after the last transaction in the account
Close card $0.00 Fee to close the card
Replace card $0.00 Fee for replacing a lost/stolen/closed card
* Load locations include Vanilla and Green Dot. Additional fees at the card load location may apply.

Mobile Apps

Confirm your identity with a PIN, fingerprint or iris/face scan

Ditch your wallet and use the app as a faster and safer way to do your banking

iOS and Android shortcuts to move money, pay bills and more

Referral Program

Invite friends and family to enroll via SMS or Email

Earn valuable rewards for every referral that you sign up

Direct Deposit to Prepaid Debit Card

No-touch, friendly way to get paid early

Helps to eliminate the risk of stolen checks and forgeries

Keeps your money safe and protected

Remote Check Deposit

Quickly deposit your checks when it’s convenient for you

Mobile deposits are cost efficient, fast and secure

Skip the trip to the bank and deposit a check at home, while traveling and at any time of day

Cardless ATM Transactions

Withdraw cash without the need for a card

App generated, one-time use verification code to withdraw cash

Most secure way to withdraw cash from ATMs

Portfolio/Investment Services

Buy and Sell Gold and Silver

Manage your investments in real time and at a fraction of the cost

Simple user interface